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The repair specialists at Hurst Garage Door Repair have a lot of experience working with garage door springs. Easily among the most recognizable garage door system parts, garage door springs are also the most important because without them, it is impossible to move a door that weighs several hundred pounds.

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Extreme tension

The extreme tension in the system is what allows the springs to provide the lifting power necessary to move the door. The tension is what makes working on springs so dangerous without the proper tools and knowledge. Our qualified technicians have changed thousands of springs. They know how to get the job done safely without putting your property at risk of damage.

Garage Doors Springs Repair in Hurst

Springs work against gravitational forces to keep the door operating system in perfect balance. Contrary to popular belief, the door opener does not lift the door. The opener merely controls the distance the door moves and how quickly it opens and closes. The springs are the components responsible for lightening the load to allow smooth movement.

Installing the right spring is critical

Installing the right spring is critical for optimal performance. Accurate measurements are crucial since springs come in a wide range of sizes. Our technicians know how to measure the spring length, the coil thickness and the inside diameter to determine which springs are right for any system. Paying attention to whether the spring winds to the right or to the left is also important in selecting the right parts.

Two types of springs

Your garage door system utilizes one of two types of springs. Extension springs run parallel to the tracks and are mounted on both sides of the door. These springs apply linear force to keep the system balanced. The spring resists stretching when the ends move away from each other and this movement supplies the force necessary to raise the door to the open position. The springs are under tension, even when the system is at rest with no load applied to it.

Torsion springs are common

Torsion springs are more common in modern garage door opening systems. They are found above the garage door opening and may be mounted individually or in pairs depending on the system. Unlike extension springs, they apply rotary force to a rod that runs through the middle. When the springs wind or unwind, they absorb or release energy to move the door. Like all garage door experts, we always recommend replacing both springs even if only one fails. Replacing just a single spring will throw the system off balance and put more strain on the new spring.

Springs Cycles

Every time a garage door opens and closes it completes a cycle. Industry experts estimate that the average garage door will cycle as many as 125 times over the course of a single month. Most garage door repair companies supply springs rated for 10,000 cycles. We offer more bang for your buck because we install springs that will complete up to 30,000 cycles before replacement becomes necessary. When you have a broken garage door spring, do the right thing and call Hurst Garage Door Repair.

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