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The daily strain on residential and commercial garage door opening systems eventually takes its toll. With so many moving components, parts are bound to wear out and break. When this happens, you need the expertise provided by the professionals at Hurst Garage Door Repair to provide effective solutions at a reasonable price.

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Broken garage door or opener

A broken garage door or opener leaves your home or business vulnerable. When the door does not close, it provides an open invitation to trespassers. Before you know it, your vehicle or personal property can be stolen or vandalized. If the door is stuck shut, you will not be able to drive your vehicle out and run the risk of missing important appointments.

Garage door opening systems break occasionally

We understand how frustrating it is when your garage door opening system breaks down and we always do our best to minimize your inconvenience. We will dispatch a crew to your location as soon as possible so you do not have to wait around. Our garage door specialists work quickly and efficiently to diagnose the problem whether it is a bent roller, a burned out opener motor, or a broken spring.

Broken garage door or opener

A broken garage door or opener can represent lost profits to business owners. We will work around your schedule to find the most convenient time for a service call. Whether you need help right away or after business hours, you can count on our technicians to arrive at the appointed time and finish the work as quickly as possible avoiding any unnecessary delays.

Cost common problems

The most common problems we encounter with garage door opening systems are misaligned door tracks, unbalanced doors, broken springs and excessive noise. Our repair specialists have dealt with all of these problems and more. If your garage door opener is inoperable, they can quickly diagnose the problem, whether it is a burned out circuit board or a broken motor gear.

Garage door remote

When the problem with your garage door remote is more complex than simply changing the batteries, our experts know exactly what to do. They will inspect the entire system and determine if the problem is with the remote itself or the antenna on the opener that receives the signal. In some cases, the problem requires cleaning and polishing the battery contacts or replacing the eye on the remote or receiver.

Quality products

We offer the best deals on residential and commercial garage door parts and accessories. We carry only quality products from manufacturers with the best reputations in the industry. Our prices for spring replacement and garage door installation are the lowest in the area and we guarantee all our work giving you the peace of mind you expect and deserve when working with a local service provider.

Garage door or opener fails to work

When your garage door or opener fails to work properly, you do not have to risk going it alone or settle for help from an amateur without the skills and knowledge to repair the system right the first time. We provide the most competitive prices in town for repairs and replacement parts. Call us and see for yourself why residential and commercial property owners rely on the experts at Hurst Garage Door Repair.

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