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Part failure is a common problem with any residential or commercial garage door opening system, and with good reason. With so many different moving parts that need to work together to lift a heavy garage door, parts are bound to wear out and eventually fail altogether. When you need replacement parts for your garage door opening mechanism, you can rely on Hurst Garage Door Repair to have everything you need.

Hurst TX garage doors

Safety and performance

Our parts suppliers are some of the biggest names in the industry. They supply us with parts that meet the highest industry standards when it comes to both safety and performance. When you purchase parts from us, you can rest assured you are receiving the best products your money can buy. Using only the best replacement parts is what allows us to guarantee our service to every customer who calls on us. Simply put, we offer the best parts for the lowest prices around.

Rollers, hinges, drums, brackets, springs

Whether you need new rollers, hinges, drums, brackets, springs, steel rails weather stripping, or anything else, you can be sure that we have you covered.

Common problems with garage door systems

One of the most common problems with garage door systems is a broken spring. Springs take on the heavy load of lifting and lowering the door, which puts them under a great deal of strain on a daily basis. Our repair specialists know how to replace any type of spring and they will match new ones to your door's specifications to ensure smooth operation. They have the tools and experience needed to safely replace your springs quickly and efficiently.

Garage Door Hinges

Industrial strength hinges are integral pieces in a system that involves a sectional garage door. Different size hinges must be installed in the proper location for the individual panels to pivot as the door moves down or up. Over time, they become weak and must be replaced.

Broken gear

The failure of a door opener to work properly may be due to a variety of reasons. If the motor wears out, you will need to purchase a new opener. If the problem is a broken gear, our technicians can use a door opener gear kit to replace the gear and restore function to the opener. We will never try to pressure you into purchasing a new opener if a simple repair will prolong the life of your current opener.

Noisy operating system

Another common complaint we can help you with is a noisy operating system. Sometimes adding lubricant in key spots will take care of this problem. In other cases, the culprit may be one or more worn or broken rollers. If the rollers fail to move smoothly, it can create resistance in the system and force other components to work harder than they should. The steel rollers used most often in commercial garage door applications will always make some noise because they are rolling across a metal track. Most residential doors have nylon rollers, which create less noise but are not capable of supporting as much weight as their steel counterparts. If you are looking for quality garage door parts at a great price, call Hurst Garage Door Repair today.

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