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The garage door opener is a handy device that makes it possible to open and close a heavy garage door by entering a code on a keypad or pushing a button on a portable remote or wall panel. This allows individuals to access the garage without having to get in and out of the car to move the door manually. Daily use puts wear on the various components that make up an opener and over time, parts will break rendering the opener inoperable. When this happens to you, you can trust the experts at Hurst Garage Door Repair to fix the problem at a price you can afford.

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New garage door opener?

When purchasing a new garage door opener, there are various things to consider. If you are a homeowner and your garage is adjacent to a living space, you will want to choose an opener that operates without excess noise. If you are a business owner, you need a door opener that can handle a heavier door. Regardless of what you need, Hurst Garage Door Repair can provide multiple options.

Chain drive garage door opener

Many homeowners opt for a chain drive garage door opener because it is the most affordable. One advantage to a chain drive model is the fact that manual operation is still possible when the power goes out by activating the emergency release. The disadvantage to this type of opener is the noise it creates when the chain moves against the steel rail.

Belt drive garage door opener cost

A standard belt drive garage door opener costs more but is quieter because instead of a chain, it utilizes a belt made of Kevlar or steel-enforced rubber. It has fewer moving parts than a chain drive model so it requires less maintenance and is often longer lasting.

Variety of garage door openers

Hurst Garage Door Repair stocks a variety of garage door openers by the best manufacturers in the business, including Genie and LiftMaster. Genie door openers will move a door at a speed of nine inches per second and feature soft start and stop operation. Chain or belt drive openers with a half horsepower motor will handle any sectional garage door weighing up to 500 lbs and measuring up to eight feet. Openers with motors generating three-quarters of a horsepower are more suitable for larger, heavier doors.

Various size motors

LiftMaster also offers garage door openers with various size motors whether you choose a belt drive or chain drive. Infrared sensor systems detect any objects in the door's path and will instantly reverse its direction to eliminate the risk of property damage or physical injury. Remote control systems feature rolling code technology that eliminates the possibility of someone stealing the code and accessing the garage while you are away.

Regular maintenance of your garage door opener

This should include lubricating all moving parts to reduce friction and careful inspection to detect worn components that can be replaced before they break. Do not suffer the inconvenience of a broken garage door opener. Hurst Garage Door Repair offers affordable maintenance, repair and installation of garage door openers. Call us today to schedule a service call.

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