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With regular maintenance, the average garage door will provide many years of service. Hurst Garage Door Repair offers maintenance services that will extend the life of your garage door opening system and ensure it is performing to its fullest capacity.

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Your garage door needs maintenance

There are many signs you can look for that will indicate your garage door needs maintenance. If the door is difficult to raise or lower because there is resistance in the system or it does not stay in the open position without slipping down, it may be out of balance. This requires an adjustment to the springs that only a qualified technician should attempt to do. If the door does not stop moving when something is in the way, the safety sensors may be out of alignment. A noisy system may require lubrication to reduce friction or an adjustment to the door opener chain.

Garage Door parts tend to wear out

Parts that tend to wear out over time include pulleys, rollers, cables and springs. A frayed cable is a sure sign that it is about to break and something that needs attention as soon as possible. If the cable breaks, the violent recoil can cause physical harm or do thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle or other personal property.

Door opener, springs, weather seal, drums, cables, rollers

When our technicians arrive for a maintenance call, the first thing they will do is inspect every component of the system. This includes the door opener, springs, weather seal, drums, cables, rollers and every other part. They will tighten the bolts, screws, brackets, mounts and hinges to eliminate the possibility of broken parts due to unwanted movement in the system. If any parts show excessive wear, they will replace them with quality parts that are built to last.

Undue strain on the system

Friction caused by moving parts rubbing against each other is the biggest enemy of a door operating system. Friction causes resistance and puts undue strain on the system every time the door is in motion. The solution to this problem is proper lubrication of all components so they move freely. When lubricating the parts, our technicians will take care not to apply too much lubricant. This can attract debris that will clog the rails and impede the door's movement. Parts that require adequate lubrication include the roller stems, hinges, springs and bearings.

Multiple moving parts

The door opener also has multiple moving parts that require lubricant for the best performance. These areas include the rear and front idler sprockets and the chain in a chain drive system. Our technicians know how to test and adjust the down force pressure to ensure the door closes all the way and stays closed. Routine maintenance also includes testing the safety features including all electronic sensors and the emergency release mechanism.

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You can save time and money by relying on us for all your garage door maintenance needs. You can call us whenever you think you need maintenance or we can set up a schedule to provide regular calls, saving you the hassle of keeping up with it yourself. Count on Hurst Garage Door Repair when your garage door or opener needs maintenance.

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